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The Secrets to Giving a Great Presentation

by Greta Attard
20th March 2017

Once you have your Million Dollar Idea and all the details are sorted out, your idea needs to be presented. Here are a few tips to help you out with this next step: 

Be Prepared 

It is always recommended to have a Presentation slide to support your speech. This should be used as a prop rather than something to read off of. So the slides may include one or two keywords or maybe even pictures that will help you out. It is best to opt for images and limit your text use. Make everything relevant and straight to the point. Finally, limit the number of slides that you use so that it’s not too long and dragging. Keep it short and sweet.

Also, if your Million Dollar idea is a product, make sure you have a demo of your product to show your audience what you are proposing with 5 senses.

Tip: Use Prezi ; it’s creative and an engaging way to keep your audience’s attention. 

Deliver a Great Presentation

You may be prepared and think you have got this in the bag, but do you know what you’re going to say? This is the most important point you need to keep in mind. Say exactly what your idea is about and don’t beat around the bush. Focus on your goals, make sure that it’s clear. Give information about what inspired you, along with keeping it relevant and not talking about cats if your topic is dogs. Practice what you are going to say and time it to see that it may not be longer than the specified time. Keep in mind that the judges have no idea what your idea is about and do not know what you have prepared so relax and make use of your words to present your idea. By doing so you won’t have the slightest chance of forgetting something and panicking because you do not know what to say next.

Body language and speech is one of the most important factors in a presentation you are. I know you are going to be nervous, of course, but act it out. Be confident and act like this is a walk in the park.

Tip: Also, a great beginning means a great presentation, so start with a question that you have in mind, take a pause, and then answer it. The audience will have time to think about the question. Introduce yourself after the topic.  

Once Upon a Time

Use case studies and tell stories. Stories will usually remain memorable and bring the message of your idea to life. It demonstrates that you have done enough research about your topic that you can relate it to people. It reassures the audience that your idea is feasible.   

Believe in Your Idea

This is the most critical part of the whole campaign. Believe in your idea and show your audience that you do. Make them realize that this project has potential and that it has the strength to grow. This can be done by being energetic and showing enthusiasm.

BONUS: Enjoy It! 


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