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Which course should I choose?

by Denise Buttigieg and Julia Psaila
16th July 2017

Now that the awaited A’ Level results are finally out, it’s time to start planning the beginning of your future at University. What subjects are you most passionate about? What subjects are you good at? What is your ultimate dream job?

Selecting the best possible course for you is a key decision to make, and often a challenging one. Looking at the whole list of IT related courses offered at the University of Malta can get you confused. But do not worry! As ICTSA, we are here to help you out! Below are the courses offered by the Faculty of ICT. All courses offered at the faculty are 3 Years full-time. 

B. Sc. (Honours) Computer Engineering 

If you are interested in electronics engineering and communications, then you could consider computer engineering. In this course, students have the chance to develop engineering skills and develop systems. The skills developed by the student provide both hardware design tool insight as well as software knowledge to manage and control computerised systems.

Check out the Overview Description and Programme Description for more information!

B. Sc. (Honours) Computer Science 

Computer science is a course in which students develop efficient software solutions through the use of programming and construct systems to handle complex data structures and reason about software. If you are enthusiastic about applying computational theory into practice, then this is definitely the area for you!

Check out the Overview Description and Programme Description for more information! 

B. Sc. in Information Technology (Honours) Artificial Intelligence 

The course prepares students for the increasing industry demand for algorithms which emulate human intelligence. There is a balance between both theoretical and other applied aspects. Students are exposed to fundamental ICT paradigms and concepts which are necessary to achieve the aims of the course. Some of the tackled cutting edge subjects are Machine Learning, Game AI, Web Intelligence, and Computer Vision. 

Check out the Overview Description and Programme Description for more information! 

B. Sc. in Information Technology (Honours) Computing and Business 

If you wish to get a Software Development degree with business oriented principles then Computing and Business is the course you should choose. This degrees focuses mostly on programming but includes some insight on account and enterprise resource planning. 

Check out the Overview Description and Programme Decription for more information! 

B. Sc. in Information Technology (Honours) Software Development 

This course of study consists of learning different programming languages both high and low level, and use these principles to develop solutions using new technologies. This is one of the most hands-on courses offered by the Faculty of ICT.

Check out the Overview Description and Programme Description for more information! 

Other courses to consider if you still like Information Technology but programming is not your strongest point:

B. Sc. (Honours) in Business and IT 

A course administered by the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, aiming to give technical knowledge about businesses operating in the I.T. Industry. Areas include Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing among various others. 

B. Sc. (Honours) in Human Language Technology 

A course offered by the Faculty of Linguistics. This course is perfect for students who are interested in computing units such as basic programming and natural language programming as well as linguistics and the study of languages. This course mainly focuses on computational linguistics.  

B. Sc. (Double Honours) Computing Science 

The Faculty of Science offers Computing Science as a joint area for Double Honours courses. Subjects chosen as the second Honours include Mathematics, Physics and Statistics. This course has a duration of four years (instead of three like the previously mentioned courses), and the course of B.Sc (Hons) Computing Science is studied throughout this period with the second chosen area.

Once you find the course you're interested in, it is essential to look at the UoM Prospectus to see the special entry requirements as well as the Programme of Studies for a more detailed description of each course and unit. 

We also encourage you to attend the lounge around that is going to be held this Monday July 17th, to meet your lecturers and see where your lectures will be held. 

ICTSA welcomes all IT prospective students and invites them to come forward with any queries. We also encourage students to join our organisation as a Subcommittee member as there are many advantages to life on campus and student activism - forming part of a dynamic team, organising events, honing public speaking and time management skills, and all in all enhancing your life at University.

We would like to wish all students a successful scholastic year!


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