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TMDI – Underway!

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TMDI is underway! Looking forward to tomorrows presentations. Following the draw earlier today, the order of pitches tomorrow will be:

Horizon Push
And Yet It Compiles
One $olution
The Quadrant

Interview with the GoC Winners

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  • We caught up with Team * a week after their victory to discuss Uni life and their victory.  The questions are in italics, while the answerer is indicated in bold.  Aaron Axisa is AA and Samantha Catania is SC.
  • Tell us more about you, who you are, and what you’re studying.
  • AA: I’m currently attending a software development course at the University of Malta. Personally I’ve always liked programming as it gives you the opportunity to create that which is not available to you. When you program you are in a state of total control over the machine you’re working on and have to find solutions for problems that crop up. I guess I always liked solving puzzles.
  • SC: I am a second year software development student; I had my first go at programming during secondary school and I realised that I find solving problems through programming quite fulfilling so I decided to pursue a career in Software Development. After my first year of JC I started working at HOB Software where with the help of my mentors I improved my skills and the quality of the code I write. I prefer to work on backends and apps using Apple technologies which is what I’m currently doing at work but I try to be flexible and choose the best tools for the given task as opposed to what I prefer personally.
  • Why did you enter Game of Codes? What attracted you to it?
  • AA: It was a possibility to test my abilities both against fellow students as well as industry-grade programmers.
  • SC:I entered Game of Codes to win and for the things that come with winning, mainly the reputation, exposure and last but not least, the prize.
  • What do you think of the challenge? Was it challenging enough, or maybe too much so?
  • AA: Typical programs revolve around solvable situations with criteria that allow for an algorithm of 100% accuracy to be created. In this case however we had to create the best approximation. Trying to come up with a 100% accurate method was more of a mathematical issue rather than a programmatical one.
  • SC: In my opinion the biggest challenge was deciding how good is good enough since we had to come up with an approximate solution. After deciding it was pretty straightforward.
  • In those 48 hours did you ever face an obstacle that made it tempting to pack your bags and count your losses? What was your motivation for pushing forward?
  • AA: Well for the first 24 hours we were still trying to find an algorithm with 100% accuracy for all situations, and seeing how none could be found surely lowered our hopes, however after giving up on such a high level of accuracy, we easily came up with a solution so it was only a matter of implementing it.
  • SC: When we couldn’t come up with an algorithm that would generate an accurate result for the examples we were given, we thought “this is impossible” but we are both very perseverant, proud of our programming skills and have a reputation to uphold. So we started working on an algorithm that is realisable albeit less accurate; after all the program specifications did say “approximate”.
  • What would be your advice to students signing up for Game of Codes next year? Any tips and tricks? Any hints? Do you think you’ll take part in Game of Codes next year too?
  • AA: While it might not be what you initially expect from a programming competition, give it your best. As for if I will participate next year, I guess we’ll see when the time comes.
  • SC: I think the most important things to have for Game of Codes are perseverance and a determined team. As with any programming problem you also need to have enough confidence to experiment with different approaches until you find the best one for the task at hand.
  • How do you approach university and your studies? Do you have any tips or strategies you would like to share?
  • AA: I have to admit that I am one of those students who tends to leave studying for the last couple of weeks, however when it comes to programming languages and techniques it all comes down to practice. No amount of lectures or research will make you better unless you actually try to be innovative and solve unusual problems yourself, and do not hold back on searching for solutions, as most probably someone has already come up with an idea which will help you along your way.
  • SC: Programming is not something you study, you get better at it with experience but in order to do that you need to learn the basics. I do encourage anyone interested in technology to give coding a try, there are a lot of resources online that will help someone get started, one can find a lot of very helpful tutorials on youtube and if you get stuck on a problem you can use google, most probably some one already had the problem you’re having and posted a solution. If that doesn’t work, post on sites like, there are a lot of people online that are willing to help. For those who have already started coding, experiment with different languages, paradigms and try new technologies. Ultimately, in my opinion the most important things in programming are perseverance and a creative approach to problem solving.

GoC 2013 comes to a successful end!

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  • Tough Programming – Long Hours – Fun. Phrases which usually do not fit in the same sentence – until last weekend, during Game of Codes – an annual event held by ICTSA, the ICT faculty’s student organization. Last Friday, thirteen teams made up of University students and three teams made up of programmers from the industry sector participated in a forty-eight hour programming competition where teams were given a problem to solve. Several teams opted to work at the Microsoft Innovation Centre at Skyparks where a fun but challenging atmosphere was created.
  • Origasmi was the name of the challenge – based on the paper folding craft: origami. Coffee fuelled students racked their brains testing several algorithms to solve the problem which, on the face of it, seems simple. Students were to create a program which calculates how many and which of the three operations: fold, rotate and translate, are needed to generate any unknown general shape given by the judges. In the end of this successful event, participants were tired but satisfied about the programs they created alongside the long, fun, sleepless nights.
  • The closing ceremony of this activity will be announced in the coming days. The winning student team will be awarded €300 and the runner up €200 whilst the winning team and runners up in the industry sector will be awarded trophies.
  • Coming next are more photos and some interviews with the participants!

ICTSA joins techlab

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  • The ICTSA is joining techlab 2013, a science event that is held in Valletta and gaps the bridge between science and the public.
  • The ICTSA will be presenting different ideas in technology under different categories.
  • You may view further details about the event here

Meet the ICTSA Executive Members

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  • The ICTSA is a student organisation that represents all students enrolled in a course in the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta. The organisation is made out executive and sub-committee members and the executive roles are the following:

President – Vice President – Secretary General – Events coordinator – Media officer – Academic & International officer – Communications officer

SIDE EFFECTS | Sat 13th April 2013 @ PLACES

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Exam timetables already out. Students already saving their place at the library. Damn it, it’s begun.. again.

Getting ready to lock yourselves in your room and rot in your pyjamas? You’re starting to give in to the anxiety.. but you really want to end this semester in a drunken blur.

You may dread the sunrise after an all nighter.. but you’ll love it after a hard night out.

UESA, MPSA & ICTSA are joining up to give you that one last party. With Monochrome, Gian Carlo, Lex and Patrix to slam us down with our amazing bar offers, some side-effects are bound to occur.

Join us through the facebook event: view event here

ICTSA Winners at Kokka Night 2013

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  • After being shortlisted for the Kokka night ceremony, the ICTSA has been awarded a trophy for the hard work done within the association through out the years, with special focus on the startup competition held at Microsoft innovation center, Skyparks, entitled The Million $ Idea (TMDI).
  • The Members have expressed their gratitude to the appreciation of their work, and have thanked all present during the ceremony.

The Million $ Idea – Feb 22nd

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ICTSA is proud to announce a new concept in the form of an ICT business start up competition: The Million Dollar Idea.

The start-up competition is a project that has been developed to increase and encourage students to take their innovative ideas and turn them into a business reality.

The challenge involves the creation of a start-up company within just 54 hours. The competition will take place at the new Microsoft Innovation Center in Sky Parks (Airport) over one exciting and action packed weekend. Starting on Friday evening (February 22nd, 2013) and ending on Sunday evening (February 24th, 2013), the teams will first be introduced to the weekend and given information regarding the weekend and the how to on business start-up. Participants will then have time to pitch their ideas which will be voted on by the participants. The most popular ideas will be chosen for the competition. The individuals who came up with the ideas become team leaders and participants request the team leader to make part of their team. It is then up to the leader to choose the participants for his/her team.

Teams will then have the rest of the weekend to innovate, create and launch a business. At the end of the competition the teams will present their newly created companies to a panel of judges. These judges will select the winning teams accordingly. An awards ceremony will be held in the evening on Sunday ( February 24th, 2013) where the top innovative businesses will be praised and given their award.

Although the event aims at producing ICT start-ups, all students are invited to participate especially since all professions are required in a successful start-up!

ICTSA Recruitment meeting I Wedensday 5th Dec 12:15 – 13:15. Room 106 Computer Building

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  • ICTSA will be holding a Recruitment Meeting for those of you interested in joining the organisation. During the Recruitment Meeting, members of the Executive will explain the work done by ICTSA and share their experiences in ICTSA.
  • You’ll also get to know about the various roles within the organisation. Being part of a student organisation is an enriching addition to your University life and the skills you learn throughout will certainly be useful for the rest of your life.
  • So come along and see for yourself how you too can be part of what makes ICTSA great!