Annual General Meeting 2017

by Chris Bartolo
29th November 2017

On Wednesday the 29th of November, ICT Students’ Association - ICTSA, held its Annual General Meeting at the Faculty of ICT. Chaired by Michael R. Piccinino, assisted by Alexander Hili the AGM included a presentation of the annual reports showcasing the work done throughout the previous term, the approval of proposed amendments to the current statute, and the election of the new executive for the next term. 

Since five posts had more than one nomination, an election was required to elect some of the new executive. The newly elected executive is made up of:

President - Liam Curmi de Gray
Vice President - Lara Brockdorff
Secretary General - Matthew Vella
Treasurer - Marco Attard
Public Relations Officer - Chris Bartolo
Events Officer - Ryan Vella
Academic Officer - Mikhail Cassar
Media Officer - Braden Refalo
Marketing Officer - Francesca Baldacchino
International Officer - Matthew Le Brun
MCAST Officer - Naomi Zammit Ciantar

ICTSA Executive 17/18

ICTSA's outgoing executive would like to congratulate the new executive and wish them the best for the upcoming term.


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