We are ICTSA. There to help students achieve more.


We are reliable, respectable and sincere.


We are truthful, straightforward and precise.


We cater for an evergrowing community, centered around an thriving industry.


We are different, distinctive and divergent.

Meet the executive team.

Keith Agius


Denise Buttigieg

Vice President

Ryan Hamilton

Secretary General

Julia Psaila

Marketing Officer

Robert Grima

Events Officer

Ryan Vella

Media Officer

Raoul Fenech

International Officer

Daniel Cassar

Financial Officer

Corinne Marie Portelli


Naomi Zammit Ciantar

MCAST Officer


With the opening of the new faculty of ICT in 2007, ITSA has rebranded itself as ICTSA, to reflect the setting up of the new faculty and the restructuring of the ICT courses offered by the faculty. ICTSA today is currently run by a 11-member executive, as well as a number of sub-committee members who kindly offer up their time to help out with the running of the association.

ICTSA strives to represent all University and MCAST students reading any degree in some way associated with information and communications technology. The good relationship that exists between the Faculty and ICTSA helps to bridge the gap between students and staff, and the association is often the first point of contact for students who have issues they wish to raise.