Technolawgical: The iGaming Conference

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  • 24th November 2014

Għaqda Studenti Tal-Liġi and ICT Students’ Association have worked together to put forward the event: ‘TechnoLAWgical: The iGaming Conference’.

The conference will take place in the morning, and will include two panels of esteemed professionals in the field of iGaming. The first will discuss ‘iGaming in Malta and Europe’, an introductory session explaining the background of the field. The second will revolve around a fictitious case-study, in order to bring practical aspects to the fore. There will also be an iGaming Job Opportunities Workshop, which will cater for law students and ICT students separately.

Malta’s iGaming industry has flourished over recent years, allowing for a significant increase in career opportunities in both legal and technological fields, and ultimately establishing the country as one of the front runners of iGaming.

The purpose of this conference is to bridge the gap between the two professions, making it relevant to both law and ICT students.

  • For Law students, it should be of particular interest to those studying gaming law, as well as those who lack basic knowledge of the topic and would like an introduction.
  • For ICT students, the conference will provide key insight into the gaming industry, placing future software developers in a more professionally advantageous position.

Below is how the conference will pan out:

10:00-10:05 Introduction
10:05-10:25 Foreword by Special Guests
10:25-11:10 Panel 1: iGaming in Malta and Europe
11:10-11:25 Coffee Break
11:25-12:10 Panel 2: Case Study
12:10-12:40 Reception
12:40-12:45 Introduce Workshop
12:45-13:15 Workshop
13:15-13:30 Conclusion & End

iGaming in Malta and Europe

  1. Chair – Paula Cauchi
  2. Lawyer–  Michael Frendo
  3. iGaming Expert
  4. Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority

Case Study

  1. Chair – Paula Cauchi
  2. Lawyer James Scicluna
  3. iGaming Expert
  4. Cyber Crime Expert

The workshop is to be jobs-oriented, and will be conducted in collaboration with Castille Resources. It will deal with what companies do, what they need and what they look for when looking for prospective employees. There will be two groups which will consist of the ICT sector and the Legal sector. Don’t miss out on this event! RSVP by e-mailing by the 30th of November 2014.

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